Hi guys & gals.

I’ve missed blogging.

the days seems to fly by & at the end of the day I don’t want to open up my computer…

especially since Nolan has been SO busy with his new company…

I just wanna hang out with him.

thus the absence of blogs.

We had a delightful little weekend this past week.

Saturday we woke up & had french toast and hashbrowns…

skyped with my inlaws…

played around the house and finally got up and dressed and out the door.

We went to lunch with my family at this cute little italian place and then Lennon slept in the basket at target and Nolan and I enjoyed some lattes while we shopped.

He bought a cast iron griddle to leave on our stove that I LOVE.

I have used it everyday….so fun.

Saturday night our dear friends Kyle & Mandy ( She Breathes Deeply) came over for dessert & we just hung out and talked while our hubby’s worked on logos for Haywire Creative.

Sunday we stayed home and watched church there…

we then headed to the zoo with my family where we played and played and played to Lennon’s little self was worn out!

It was an awesome weekend….

we’re getting close now…

close to when Ellington is gonna greet us.

I am getting really excited.

my guess is 3-4 more weeks.

Before my mom and I have our babies we get to meet…

Lily Reid – who hopefulyl will be here any day.

Baby Wilson – who is due on saturday & better come tonight!!

Matilda Rubert – my little niece:) she’s got a couple more weeks!

then mom & I …

I am getting SO SO ready for these kiddos to grace us with their sweet little precense!


in other news.

Lennon has started this new thing where before he (deliberatley i might add) disobeys… he will look at Nolan or I and say…

“mama…hi:) ” then do soemthing he knows VERY well he isn’t supposed to do.

it’s kinda hard not to laguh cause he is so little …yet so sneaky.

gotta nip it in the bud!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Tuesday!


One Response to “Hellooo”

  1. Mandy Says:

    We loved hanging out! We must do that more often! Let’s get all these babies out and have play dates!

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