Fat Baby Feet


Lennon and I had a date morning.

He had a  target gift card burning a hole in his pocket…

so we went to target:)

He picked out 2 bouncy balls

and 2 buzz sippy cups.

He is loving buzz these days…

we then made our way to the show department & he picked out his first pair of flip flops.

His darn feet are SO cute in them.

They are SO SO chunky .

oh my word.

I love it.

we then got a package of springtime Oreos & made our way to the park to meet my mom and Siah & Chloe.

it was a blast.

we played for a bit and then came home for lunch & naps.

Lennon is still napping.

i’ve gotten a ton done:)

No complaints here!


I don’t know why my pics do this sometimes…

but here is a picture of me that we found at my parents house a few days back.

Now we know why Lennon is oh so chunky.

He takes after his momma:)

BTW Update….

Big Boy Bed was the best decision we made for Lennon.

He sleeps like a champ.

doesn’t get out of bed ( I don’t think he knows he can)

and he sleeps SO SO SO SO well.


Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring weather!!

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