our weekend turned out to be NOT so relaxing…

Thursday night Nolan came down with something and by Friday morning he was in bed miserable…

he slept most of the day and by Friday night Lennon had a 101 degree fever.



Saturday morning Nolan was NO better…

I begged and begged him to go to the doctor…

he finally gave in and we went to the walk in clinic.

after about an 1 1/2 wait we finally got called back .

Nolan didn’t have the flu or strep but had a ton of fluid filling up his ears…

the starting of a sinus infection😦

Lennon looked so horrible the doc asked if he could listen to his breathing…

he did & was a tad bit alarmed..

he went and got the pediatric O2 reader and lennon’s oxygen wasn’t great…

they sent him down for a chest Xray and it looks like the cough & congestions he has had since he got over the flu caused the tubes in his lungs to swell….

not to mention he was like his daddy with a head FULL of fluid.

eyes with goopy boogers all in them.

oh yeah and his first ear infection since his tubes at 10 months old….

SO…after 3 long hours at the Doc…

we left with Decongestant & nose spray for Nolan…and a script for antibiotics if his infection didnt get better…


Prednisone & an antibiotic for Lennon….

have I mentions that insurance sucks?

we went to pick up Nolan’s meds cause they had messed Lennon’s up & AFTER insurance it was going to be 150 bucks!

we asked what was so much and they said our insurance only covered 20 bucks.

So I asked if there was something that Nolan could take that was over the counter that wasnt 100 dollars and he said the zyrtecD was the exact same thing and it cost us a whopping 15 bucks!:)

that was nice…

all in all we dod spend well over 100 dollars and different drugs for both of my boys today.

I am so ready for spring.

no more sickness.

I did end the evening having pudding with my parents which was really nice and quite and relaxing…

Lennon is now in bed and I am finally laying down after a busy day.


Either I am a total wimp or my mom has super human powers to be 8 months pregnant and do all she does in a day.

that’s all I gotta say.



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