Nolan & new adventures.


I am going to do it.

I am just flat out going to brag about him.

it’s about darn time.

I am going to get all sappy here for a minute or two so bare with me.

My husband is so remarkable.

he is so determined.

he is such a hard worker.

he reminds me a lot of my dad in that way.

He sets his mind to something and won’t stop until he has figured out a solution.

Nolan recently felt the Lord calling him (us) to start his own company…

it hasn’t been cut and dry…

Yet the Lord has really blessed this transition (as he does when he calls you to something).

He has provided the money where the money has been needed & the insight and wisdom and counsel where it is need & we have been able to make the transition debt free.

It is such a neat thing.

I LOVE seeing Nolan work hard and be so fulfilled.

His new company is called Haywire Creative.

He does everything from web design to website programming to web marketing and social networking…to organic and paid advertisement etc…

His heart is in an amazing place for this transition…

and I know the Lord is stretching my faith big time.

it inspires me.

Just this morning in our bible study we were reading about the woman in Mark who gave to copper coins which equaled a penny & was all that she had to live on.

Nolan looked at me and said “that needs to always be in our mind”…

it’s kind of intimidating going from knowing you will have X amount of dollars on this date and this date to totally Self Employed…

it has been a constant step of faith for me.

steps that have needed to be taken for a long time.

I can FREAK out over money…

just the fear and worry of “what if ____” always seems to creep in.

however the Lord ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS provides for us (not only financially) however that is how I mean right now.

we have never gone hungry.

Lennon has NEVER gone without diapers.

our utilities have never been shut off.

we always have more than we need.

yet I still am able to worry…funny how sneaky satan is & how blinded I am to it…

My mom is the perfect person to talk to and get advice from…

my dad has his own company and they have seen the WAY HIGHS and the low lows.

She said to me one time…

You can respect and support Nolan in no better way than trusting the Lord (in all aspects)….

trusting the Lord to speak to Nolan…

trusting Nolan to listen to the Lord.

when that fear creeps in…take it to the Lord…not to Nolan…not that I can’t talk to Nolan and tell him my concerns…but the Lord is the one I need to be taking my fears to….

The lord always provides.

I am a far cry away from trusting it seems most days.

it is my goal however…

to really surrender the number in our bank account…

I refuse to continue falling into Satan’s evil plan…

Growing up my dad would always say 2 things…

“It’s all gonna burn” we can’t take any of it with us..

and “it isn’t our money to begin with”

my parents are SO giving it is truly inspiring to watch them use the gifts the Lord has blessed them with to bless others…

i hope and pray that both of those things can honestly become my mindset…


all of that to say…

I am so blessed by the man that God created for me.

He is such an amazing daddy…

such a loving and patient husband…

and exactly who I need.

he makes up for all my shortcomings.

I love that our boys are blessed enough to have a daddy that is home…

he gets to spend so much time with Lennon.

My dad was always home and present growing up & I  love that my children are going to be fortunate enough to have their daddy and papa very active in their lives….

so cool.

Thank you Lord for the amazing Godly men you have placed in my life and in my sons lives.

I sure am one blessed momma.




4 Responses to “Nolan & new adventures.”

  1. Jeff "Pappa" Sheets Says:

    You are such a sweet wife and a wonderful daughter….taking after your momma. Nolan and Lennon are blessed to have you in their lives….just like momma and me.

    The older you grow the more you will experience God’s unmerited mercy and the TRUST that comes through watching HIM provide exactly what is needed exactly WHEN it is needed. And it always helps to remember Granny Syl’s motto: “We serve the God of 11:59…He is NEVER LATE…but very rarely early”. It is in those waiting times that our faith muscles grow strong. Remember the scripture that without faith it is impossible to please God because God for the one who draws near to him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

    We love you, we are so proud of Nolan and his leadership and hard work…we are blessed to have the Russom family in our lives.

    Dad aka Pappa

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Amen. Seriously, my husband and I are in this same season right now as well… just having to trust the Lord completely to provide, and He does. Always. The Lord has been speaking to my heart in the same way about the greatest way I can love my husband is to simply trust the Lord with him. I really appreciate you sharing this. Your heart is beautiful!

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