Juggling 2 boys & staying positive :)

July 8, 2011 by

My mom tells me the Lord knows…

He knew that Lennon’s personality fit best as the first little rascal of our family…

that Ellington is perfectly made to be number 2.

Sometimes ok a lot of times I feel guilty.

guilty I don’t have the time to sit and stare at my baby all day long.

Guilty that my 2 year old has to entertain himself a lot of the day while I nurse.

guilty that I am not as excited for the little firsts as I feel I was with Lennon.

guilty that I have to spilt my time.

guilty cause I never feel I spilt it evenly.



Worry im not loving either of them the right way.

worry that one or the other will feel neglected or left out.

worry that I cant handle that which the Lord has given me.

Worry that I am some how going to lead them in the wrong direction.


Satan is gonna be the death of me.


So I am deciding right here & right now to nip his sorry rear in the bud.

The Lord knows exactly what each of us mama’s can handle.

He would not have blessed me with these two precious gifts if he didn’t beleive I could do it…

and do a darn good job at that.

So take that.

This is a go me post.


Def don’t have it together.

Def. let Lennon watch too much Buzz somedays.

Def. get anxious…nervous…worrisome…mad…angry…stressed….defeated most days.

but what mom doesn’t feel every single stinking one of these emotions.

I have decided to just put it right on out there that we all do.

whether we are going to admit it or not.

I am just choosing to admit it.

I would not for even one second…

think of doing anything else…

than raising and loving these two precious children with all of my heart.

Thank you Lord for entrusting them to me…

now PLEASE give me the strength- energy & wisdom to do it right.

luckily I have am pretty fantastic man right along side of me.

Props to all of you single parents our there.

You guys are my heros.

Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.

So this is my…

brutally honest…

I don’t have it all…

or even most of it…

together post:)

Hope you find a deep breath in these words!

love to every momma out there.

and a big fat hug.

you’re doing great.

It’s the little things…

July 3, 2011 by

Routine is good…

Schedules are good…

but it’s the little things…

The late bed time so you can stay up & watch Andy Griffith and eat trail mix with your 2 year old…

The dirty filthy hands because he played so hard there was no time for a bath…

Chocolate on the white duvet just because…

driving to the middle of nowhere & looking for animals & seeing his face light up.

the stubbed toes…scratches & scrapes from a day lived well.

hearing “thank you momma…so good” after you cook a meal.

the curtains that lay on the floor from an intense game of hide and seek:)

the first smile he gave to his big brother as they “talked”

the short blog…

because my boy wants to snuggle:)

Good Night!

me + 2 kids.

June 27, 2011 by



stinky boys..

they fill every moment of each of my days.

feeding changing loving nurturing….

those are my past times as of late.

my days are busier than ever before..

sleep comes and goes..

right now it’s taking a vacation…

hopefully it will be back this week.

My boys are my world.

My husband…he’s my hero.

Lennon the spunkiest little thing you’ve ever met…

always looking for a smile or a laugh out of some unsuspecting soul.

Ellington Grey…he is such a sweet human being.

Full of smiles & it feels like he is out to make his momma’s life easier.

I am starting to get to know him more…his personality is like his daddy’s I have a feeling…


These two brothers are going to be a hoot to raise I am sure of it.

good night.

Back in the Saddle :)

April 18, 2011 by

I think.


Just maybe.

I could possibly.


be getting the hang of this two kiddo thing.

my heart has never ever been so full..

who knew changing 20 diapers a day could make a woman so happy.

I adore these boys the Lord has so graciously entrusted to Nolan & I.

They are the brightest little miracles.

Lennon is about to head to college it seems..

and Ellington isnt too far behind him:)

My boys.

and then my husband.

He is for an entirely different post.


I am truly blessed.


Ellington’s Birth…

March 18, 2011 by

Ellington Grey Russom.

Birthday March 3rd 2011.


Monday February 28th I had my 35 week appointment.

my doctor checked me per my request because I had been having lots and lots of contractions.

I was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was very thin.

He said he thought it would be in the next few weeks.

I contracted all day Monday (chocked it up to my apt) and all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday.

Wednesday night Nolan & Lennon and I took a little drive to Murfreesboro (about an hour away) to pick up a computer, and then back home.

We got home about 9 O’clock and I tucked sweet little Lennon into bed & informed Nolan HOW UNCOMFORTABLE I was…whew.

I went upstairs took a shower and laid down in our bed…

after about 30 minutes I was so crazy miserable…

Nolan was working downstairs and I told him that I thought we needed to go into the hospital…

something was going on.

He ran to my parents house to pick up my sister to stay with Lennon & I hesitantly packed a very quick very small bag.

Nothing for the baby…

just a tooth brush and some makeup and jammies.

the drive to the hospital was ok…I was beginning to be in pain.

We got the Baptist and got checked in.

They put us in a room and got me all hooked up. My contractions were 1.5 – 2 minutes apart.

They checked me and I was still 1 cm dilated and now I was about 50% effaced.

To be honest I did not think I was in labor…I don’t know what made me go in…I mean minus the painful regular contractions…

but I really didnt think I was in labor for real.

I don’t think the nurse did either & Nolan really didn’t think i was.

The nurse told me that they could keep me for 2 hours,but if I hadn’t made any progress they were going to have to send me home.

Over the next 2 hours I experienced the WORST pain I have ever felt in my life.

Mind you i have had a baby before and I didn’t get my epi until 6 cm with him…

So I do know what pain is…however nothing could have prepared me for the pain of delivering Ellington.

I was on my hands and knees shaking and crying waiting for the nurse to come back in and check me…

finally she did and I was 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced.


this is where I burst into tears.

This is where it hit me…

the day that I just spent with my eldest son was my last day with him as an only child.

this is where it hit me that the piles and piled of baby clothes piled in our room were going to have to be sorted with a newborn lying next to me.

Where it hit me I would be bringing our newest baby home to a DIRTY house…

that I would need to stop at target to pick up diapers on our way home from the hospital.

where it all came crashing down that our son was coming & soon.

Where I started to think about the fact that he was 5 weeks early.

Where I let myself wander over to the possibility that he would need to be in the NICU.

Where I began to fervently pray that our sweet little boy could breathe on his own.

That moment scared me to death.

I got hooked up in my own room got my IV…and decided I couldnt do this pain any more and I needed an epi.

once I got my epidural I was able to rest a little…

my contractions slowed to about 5 minutes apart…

this was good cause my doctor wasnt on call for another couple of hours.

around 7 the next morning they came in and told me soon they would be giving me some pitocin to kick start my contractions again.

Once they did it was almost instant.

I went from 6-10 instantly.

My doctor came in and said he thought we had about 15-20 more minutes and we would start to push.

As he was walking out…I told him he needed to come back that I had to push that he was coming…

3 rounds of pushing and 5 minutes later sweet little Ellington Grey was born.

The NICU team was in our room becuase he was a preemie and they took him over to be assessed,

I was able to hold him for about 30 seconds and they told me that he was having trouble breathing and he needed to go to the NICU.

my stomach sank.

the next 3 days were spent in a hospital room without our little guy.

the days were spent with my heart being totally torn in two.

Wanting to stay up all night by Ellington’s side and wanting to snuggle with my oldest son so terribly bad.

Ellington needed what is called surfactant to coat his lungs…they gave him artificial surfactant and was able to come off the breathing tubes a few days later.

He was in the NICU a total of 6 days…the day we brought him home was the best day ever.

I had what was called a partial placenta abruption.

my placenta tore away from my uterus which caused me to begin to bleed internally and develop clots behind my placenta.

This is what sent me into labor a month before I was supposed to go into labor & why Ellington’s birth was so painful.

It wasn’t how I ever pictured his birth…

and seeing him hooked up to all the machines was the last way I wanted to see my baby for virtually the first time

but we are home.

The Lord healed him quickly and it is amazing to have all of my boys under one roof.

That is our Sweet little Ellington Grey’s story of how he came into the world:)

He is here :)

March 14, 2011 by

This is a short post.

to let you all know…

our sweet new lil guy is here.

early,but safe & sound…

i’ll post my birth story later…

in the mean time…

here are some pics:)


February 22, 2011 by

Hi guys & gals.

I’ve missed blogging.

the days seems to fly by & at the end of the day I don’t want to open up my computer…

especially since Nolan has been SO busy with his new company…

I just wanna hang out with him.

thus the absence of blogs.

We had a delightful little weekend this past week.

Saturday we woke up & had french toast and hashbrowns…

skyped with my inlaws…

played around the house and finally got up and dressed and out the door.

We went to lunch with my family at this cute little italian place and then Lennon slept in the basket at target and Nolan and I enjoyed some lattes while we shopped.

He bought a cast iron griddle to leave on our stove that I LOVE.

I have used it everyday….so fun.

Saturday night our dear friends Kyle & Mandy ( She Breathes Deeply) came over for dessert & we just hung out and talked while our hubby’s worked on logos for Haywire Creative.

Sunday we stayed home and watched church there…

we then headed to the zoo with my family where we played and played and played to Lennon’s little self was worn out!

It was an awesome weekend….

we’re getting close now…

close to when Ellington is gonna greet us.

I am getting really excited.

my guess is 3-4 more weeks.

Before my mom and I have our babies we get to meet…

Lily Reid – who hopefulyl will be here any day.

Baby Wilson – who is due on saturday & better come tonight!!

Matilda Rubert – my little niece:) she’s got a couple more weeks!

then mom & I …

I am getting SO SO ready for these kiddos to grace us with their sweet little precense!


in other news.

Lennon has started this new thing where before he (deliberatley i might add) disobeys… he will look at Nolan or I and say…

“mama…hi:) ” then do soemthing he knows VERY well he isn’t supposed to do.

it’s kinda hard not to laguh cause he is so little …yet so sneaky.

gotta nip it in the bud!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Tuesday!


Fat Baby Feet

February 17, 2011 by

Lennon and I had a date morning.

He had a  target gift card burning a hole in his pocket…

so we went to target:)

He picked out 2 bouncy balls

and 2 buzz sippy cups.

He is loving buzz these days…

we then made our way to the show department & he picked out his first pair of flip flops.

His darn feet are SO cute in them.

They are SO SO chunky .

oh my word.

I love it.

we then got a package of springtime Oreos & made our way to the park to meet my mom and Siah & Chloe.

it was a blast.

we played for a bit and then came home for lunch & naps.

Lennon is still napping.

i’ve gotten a ton done:)

No complaints here!


I don’t know why my pics do this sometimes…

but here is a picture of me that we found at my parents house a few days back.

Now we know why Lennon is oh so chunky.

He takes after his momma:)

BTW Update….

Big Boy Bed was the best decision we made for Lennon.

He sleeps like a champ.

doesn’t get out of bed ( I don’t think he knows he can)

and he sleeps SO SO SO SO well.


Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful spring weather!!

Big Boy & Haywire…

February 8, 2011 by

I am so excited for my husband.

last week he officially purchased his LLC.

and the web space needed/URL names etc…

The Lord is really blessing his company.

It is so neat.

Business has been very steady which is incredible.

I couldn’t be more proud of how he has taken the bull by the horns & done everything right.

It totally is weird hearing him say that he is self employed to people….


His site is under construction right now, but he is working on getting it up soon!

Sorry…just had to brag:)

we had quite a dull weekend…

Sunday was the best day by far…

Nolan was stuck in bed sick all weekend which left me and Lennon to be….

well then Lennon got sick & I nearly had a meltdown.

I am SO TIRED of sickness.

We have been down for a month.

stupid flu.

wears this momma out.

I don’t know how my mom does it.

Now my dad is sick too😦


Sunday however I brought Lennon to Nana & Papa’s & picked up 2 friends of mine & went to Mandy’s (SheBreathesDeeply) baby shower!

It was fun & so relaxing to be able to sit for a few hours and not tend to someone:)

well anyways…on our drive to the shower I was talking to my friend bonnie about really needing to get Lennon sleeping through the night by the time Ellington gets here.

Having a newborn is tiring enough….I don’t need two kiddos waking around the clock.

Lennon has conditioned himself to “NEEDING” to sleep with his mama.

which doesn’t fly with his daddy.

or me honestly…

I don’t sleep well at all.

He starts off in his crib and then a few hours into the night is so hysterical that I give in and bring him in our room….

this weekend after he had done this…and was sound asleep on my chest snoring…. I took him into his room…as soon as I went to lay him down he shot his head up and screamed “mama NO!” pointing to our bed…I guess it really hit me then….we are the ones that have gotten him to this point & we need to help him out of it.

So back to my friend Bonnie (who was so sweet and text me last night saying “pregnancy treat on your porch” and had brought me goodies!)

She said when her little boy was around lennon’s age he just wasn’t sleeping well in his crib…she said she really thought he was too big for it…

I then started thinking about Lennon & what a wacky sleeper he is…

everynight at least twice we are going in there cause he has nailed something on the crib slats and woken himself up….

So I came home and talked to Nolan about moving Lennon into a big boy bed.

We hadn’t wanted to do it until he was 2 and then we would move Lennon out and Ellington into the crib, but my need for him to sleep through the night kind of won over…

Nolan was totally on board & we went to the store yesterday and bought him brand new big boy sheets and a bed rail for the Full bed that was already in his room.

We talked to him all day while I was making his bed and putting the rail together about how he no longer was going to have to sleep in his crib & that he was a big boy and got to sleep in his bed like mommy & Daddy sleep in their bed.

Well I don’t know if last night was a fluke or what…

but he laid down like a champ!

He cried for a minute or two and was asleep…

Lennon slept ALL night long…not waking up one time….now granted I woke up 5 separate times  to check on him because I was so nervous about it all…but he did amazing.

This morning at 730 he woke up calling for me & that was that.

We are at my parents house now so we couldnt do nap time in a big boy bed….. but that’s my next step.

Praying for a night like last night tonight!

Sorry for the long post…just wanted to share the big news!



February 5, 2011 by


our weekend turned out to be NOT so relaxing…

Thursday night Nolan came down with something and by Friday morning he was in bed miserable…

he slept most of the day and by Friday night Lennon had a 101 degree fever.



Saturday morning Nolan was NO better…

I begged and begged him to go to the doctor…

he finally gave in and we went to the walk in clinic.

after about an 1 1/2 wait we finally got called back .

Nolan didn’t have the flu or strep but had a ton of fluid filling up his ears…

the starting of a sinus infection😦

Lennon looked so horrible the doc asked if he could listen to his breathing…

he did & was a tad bit alarmed..

he went and got the pediatric O2 reader and lennon’s oxygen wasn’t great…

they sent him down for a chest Xray and it looks like the cough & congestions he has had since he got over the flu caused the tubes in his lungs to swell….

not to mention he was like his daddy with a head FULL of fluid.

eyes with goopy boogers all in them.

oh yeah and his first ear infection since his tubes at 10 months old….

SO…after 3 long hours at the Doc…

we left with Decongestant & nose spray for Nolan…and a script for antibiotics if his infection didnt get better…


Prednisone & an antibiotic for Lennon….

have I mentions that insurance sucks?

we went to pick up Nolan’s meds cause they had messed Lennon’s up & AFTER insurance it was going to be 150 bucks!

we asked what was so much and they said our insurance only covered 20 bucks.

So I asked if there was something that Nolan could take that was over the counter that wasnt 100 dollars and he said the zyrtecD was the exact same thing and it cost us a whopping 15 bucks!:)

that was nice…

all in all we dod spend well over 100 dollars and different drugs for both of my boys today.

I am so ready for spring.

no more sickness.

I did end the evening having pudding with my parents which was really nice and quite and relaxing…

Lennon is now in bed and I am finally laying down after a busy day.


Either I am a total wimp or my mom has super human powers to be 8 months pregnant and do all she does in a day.

that’s all I gotta say.



Our little Day :)

February 3, 2011 by

Here is my nearly 32 week preggo pic.

Ellington is measuring a tad bit ahead…

I am hoping for a big baby this time!

While Nolan was working this afternoon Lennon & I (like most days)

went to my parents house…

Here is how afternoon went.

in pictures.

It started with covering the shower walls in shaving cream & letting the boys play for a good 45 minutes…

Then some swinging on Nana & Papa’s furniture…

we ended the evening back in the shower playing with more shaving cream…

ah that stuff is amazing.

Today was the first time that Lennon would play in the shower…

he ate it up.

haha ok.

I am watching American Idol right now & it is so hard to concentrate.

These people are horrible.

and Steven Tyler is amazing.



Our Life…

February 3, 2011 by

I always tend to get lots of questions of what it’s like being the oldest of almost 9 kids….

questions about what it’s like being pregnant with my mom….

raising my son with my brother as his best bud…

I guess my children’s up-bringing is far from normal…

but Nolan and I both couldn’t imagine it any other way…

Nolan recently started his own company Haywire Creative…

he offices out of my parents house (the finished attic,,,it’s a SWEET setup…i’ll post pics sometime soon)

I now have a sewing station there too..

it’s nice.

Needless to say we are with my family everyday just about.

Lennon loves is.

he has so much fun playing with his aunts and uncles who I am sure feel more like brothers and sisters to him…

Here are a few snapshots of how life kind of is operating with 15 people operating under one roof fairly regularly…

these are all just iphone snapshots…

babies falling asleep in their highchairs….

little boys falling asleep on counters….

wee ones with their diapers off…

munchkins entertaining themselves however they can….

sorry all the pics are crooked…don’t really know what happened there.


we have been going non stop this week so I havent taken the time to blog…

I miss it.

Ellington is now 32 weeks…

time is flying by…

oh oh.

sweet little story before I run..

this new thing Lennon has started…

EVERY single time that we sit down to eat…

doesnt matter if it is a big meal…

or a snack…

anytime he holds his hand out for me to take and says

“pray momma…amen”

he won’t take a bite until we pray.

It’s a great reminder to me to thank God for everything…

my 4 course meal…

down to my oatmeal raisin cookie:)

thanks for that little one.

I love you:)

The E Man…

January 30, 2011 by

Is coming soon…

my nesting has begun.


but finally.

I got lots to do:)

he’s dancing in my belly currently.

Did I tell you that I am finally not only measuring on track, but 2 weeks ahead in stead of behind?


i’m excited.

Happy Sunday.

The Bite…

January 29, 2011 by




Percy Warner Park.

Uncle & Nephew love.

Night Night:)

Nolan & new adventures.

January 28, 2011 by

I am going to do it.

I am just flat out going to brag about him.

it’s about darn time.

I am going to get all sappy here for a minute or two so bare with me.

My husband is so remarkable.

he is so determined.

he is such a hard worker.

he reminds me a lot of my dad in that way.

He sets his mind to something and won’t stop until he has figured out a solution.

Nolan recently felt the Lord calling him (us) to start his own company…

it hasn’t been cut and dry…

Yet the Lord has really blessed this transition (as he does when he calls you to something).

He has provided the money where the money has been needed & the insight and wisdom and counsel where it is need & we have been able to make the transition debt free.

It is such a neat thing.

I LOVE seeing Nolan work hard and be so fulfilled.

His new company is called Haywire Creative.

He does everything from web design to website programming to web marketing and social networking…to organic and paid advertisement etc…

His heart is in an amazing place for this transition…

and I know the Lord is stretching my faith big time.

it inspires me.

Just this morning in our bible study we were reading about the woman in Mark who gave to copper coins which equaled a penny & was all that she had to live on.

Nolan looked at me and said “that needs to always be in our mind”…

it’s kind of intimidating going from knowing you will have X amount of dollars on this date and this date to totally Self Employed…

it has been a constant step of faith for me.

steps that have needed to be taken for a long time.

I can FREAK out over money…

just the fear and worry of “what if ____” always seems to creep in.

however the Lord ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS provides for us (not only financially) however that is how I mean right now.

we have never gone hungry.

Lennon has NEVER gone without diapers.

our utilities have never been shut off.

we always have more than we need.

yet I still am able to worry…funny how sneaky satan is & how blinded I am to it…

My mom is the perfect person to talk to and get advice from…

my dad has his own company and they have seen the WAY HIGHS and the low lows.

She said to me one time…

You can respect and support Nolan in no better way than trusting the Lord (in all aspects)….

trusting the Lord to speak to Nolan…

trusting Nolan to listen to the Lord.

when that fear creeps in…take it to the Lord…not to Nolan…not that I can’t talk to Nolan and tell him my concerns…but the Lord is the one I need to be taking my fears to….

The lord always provides.

I am a far cry away from trusting it seems most days.

it is my goal however…

to really surrender the number in our bank account…

I refuse to continue falling into Satan’s evil plan…

Growing up my dad would always say 2 things…

“It’s all gonna burn” we can’t take any of it with us..

and “it isn’t our money to begin with”

my parents are SO giving it is truly inspiring to watch them use the gifts the Lord has blessed them with to bless others…

i hope and pray that both of those things can honestly become my mindset…


all of that to say…

I am so blessed by the man that God created for me.

He is such an amazing daddy…

such a loving and patient husband…

and exactly who I need.

he makes up for all my shortcomings.

I love that our boys are blessed enough to have a daddy that is home…

he gets to spend so much time with Lennon.

My dad was always home and present growing up & I  love that my children are going to be fortunate enough to have their daddy and papa very active in their lives….

so cool.

Thank you Lord for the amazing Godly men you have placed in my life and in my sons lives.

I sure am one blessed momma.




1 contraction,2 contraction,3 contraction IM DONE!

January 26, 2011 by


last night was a kicker.

around 1 A.M. I started having fairly uncomfortable contractions.

When I was pregnant with Lennon I would have said I was in labor.

That is until I felt labor.

these wern’t labor…

but they also were not your typical braxton hicks.

I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes from 1 in the morning.

until 5 this evening…

they have not stopped…

but they have spaced out more…

I am getting them every 15-20 minutes.

I have an appointment in the morning…

I am sure that everything is fine…

but pray little Ellington stays cookin a little longer(7 ish weeks!)!

Today was a wonderful day though…

Nolan had a slower day today so we had some good family time.

We went to the mall to buy something off of craigslist for Nolan…

ate some lunch in the food court…

Lennon ate his weight in chinese food.

Totally digging the samples:)

then we headed to target to pick some things ups…

we moved my new Bekaboo sewing station/office into the finished out attic at my parents house where Nolan currently has his set up.

it is wonderful.


and perfect.

Thanks mom and dad!

Well we recently got inspired to re-do the boys room before Ellington arrives…

because of our boys closeness in age we are going to have El in our room for a good few months…4-6 and let little Lennon keep his crib for a while longer…

I feel badly springing a new baby brother and a new bed on him all at once.

Not to mention when I am sleep deprived and up nursing a newborn at all hours of the night…

I don’t want to be worrying about Lennon getting out of his bed and getting hurt etc.

So…probably around Lennon’s 2nd birthday we will move him to his big boy bed.

and Ellington to the crib.

Here is the head board that Nolan is going to make for Lennon’s bed…

we have a black duvet and want to find some type of neat modern yet kiddy sheets to go with it…

we are also going to do one wall (the wall Lennon’s bed is on) in this really neat textured brick wallpaper…

we aren’t totally sold on this EXACT one…

but we do want to do something similar…

The crib is wooden and black and we have plain white ikea sheets on them with some lighter blue and darker blue bedding…

we already have sheer white linen ikea curtains in the boys room…

oh..I do need to get bed rails for Lennon’s big boy bed…

any suggestions?

sorry this is a random rambling post…

tomorrow will be the first day in 2 almost 3 weeks that Lennon and I are going to go out and socialize with people outside my family (who are great BTW)

everyone has had the nasty flu & we are all finally on the mend.

Thank you Lord.

ok…well my lack of sleep last night is hitting me right now.


anyone else get sooo excited for their coffee in the morning?


I am already so excited to wake up early with Nolan and have time together before Lennon gets up…

sipping on a piping hot french press.


Gonna go get some shut eye!

Night Night!


ah….blankets :)

January 25, 2011 by

I wanted to write a quick post this morning to announce…

Bekaboo Boutique has gotten in the full new line of blankets.

they are amazing.

I adore them…

every time we get a shipment to the house Lennon gets so excited


They are oh so soft & cuddly…

we have at least 12 new blankets in….

ranging from vintage pink-modern pinks…

vintage blues-modern blues…

I am trying to decide which one to do for Ellington..

We thought we’d throw this out there if anyone is in the market for a new baby blanket…

leave a comment on my blog with your email address and we will send Bekaboo Blog readers a special 20% off coupon towards all blankets:)

or you can email me at


and let me know you read my blog & want to get a blanket and I can send you the coupon that way too!

you can look at all the new blankets


I am now officially grounded from making Lennon any more blankets.

Nolan said he has one of every bekaboo blanket (exaggeration)

now I just hope Ellington has the same love and appreciation of blankets as Lennon & I will have two boys to make loveys for!


Lennon just walked in the kitchen with a battery in his mouth…

I think that’s my cue to log off my computer:)

bye friends!


Almost 30 weeks :)

January 20, 2011 by




Ellington is busier than ever.

he kicks so hard it hurts sometime…

I don’t remember that with Lennon…

it is weird to think that most likely we will have this little boy in our arms in 8 weeks…

maybe a little more…

this pregnancy has FLOWN.

it  seems so surreal we’re gonna have a REAL TINY BABY!

Lennon is still a tiny baby to me:)

I can’t wait to see his little face.

and watch Lennon become a big brother.


I love it.


103 Degrees…

January 20, 2011 by


I guess all my posts this week will be about poor sick Lennon.

He is still sleeping upstairs.

woke up at 530 this morning with a 103 degree fever.


pitiful congested cough.

skin so so hot.

this flu is a kicker.


all my siblings (little ones) have it too….

they aren’t any better.

i’m ready for my boy to be healthy again.

I will try to write a solid post later:)

stay healthy!

Thanks for the prayers for my mom &  I…

so far no flu in our bodies

& 2 busy healthy babies.


Tuesday Night…

January 19, 2011 by


Tuesday night wasn’t any better.

by 130 am Lennon was still wide awake and very uncomfortable.

we gave him benadryl to hopefully clear his congestion a little…

and tylenol to take the edge of the ache…

moved his crib mattress onto our bedroom floor…

watched Gunsmoke (old western show he and his daddy and mw too love)

once he was asleep we gently moved him to the floor…

I got up about 7-8 times in the night with him…but they were quick.

all in all I think it was a little better…

I did get to sleep in the same bed as my husband:)

darn flu…



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