ah….blankets :)


I wanted to write a quick post this morning to announce…

Bekaboo Boutique has gotten in the full new line of blankets.

they are amazing.

I adore them…

every time we get a shipment to the house Lennon gets so excited


They are oh so soft & cuddly…

we have at least 12 new blankets in….

ranging from vintage pink-modern pinks…

vintage blues-modern blues…

I am trying to decide which one to do for Ellington..

We thought we’d throw this out there if anyone is in the market for a new baby blanket…

leave a comment on my blog with your email address and we will send Bekaboo Blog readers a special 20% off coupon towards all blankets :)

or you can email me at


and let me know you read my blog & want to get a blanket and I can send you the coupon that way too!

you can look at all the new blankets


I am now officially grounded from making Lennon any more blankets.

Nolan said he has one of every bekaboo blanket (exaggeration)

now I just hope Ellington has the same love and appreciation of blankets as Lennon & I will have two boys to make loveys for!


Lennon just walked in the kitchen with a battery in his mouth…

I think that’s my cue to log off my computer :)

bye friends!


One Response to “ah….blankets :)”

  1. shawntae Says:

    Kingston wants a blankey!! They look soo soft. He has a favorite one and he’ll lay his head on it and go “AHHHHHH” haha

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